C&M Excavation is a leader in the construction industry when it comes to building and upgrading wetlands. From the award winning “The Talking Water Gardens” in Albany to the “Fernhill South Wetlands” in Forest Grove, we have established a proud reputation for giving back to the environment.


Talking Water Gardens

60 Acres of new wetlands created out of an old industrial site located adjacent to the Albany Sewer Treatment plant. Major challenges included Industrial Demolition, Mass Excavation (400,000 CY), 1 Pump Station, 1 Creek Crossing, 10000LF of influent/effluent piping, 6 major water fall features, 4 foot bridges, 50 pieces of woody debris placement, 6000LF of trail construction and 60 Acres of naive seed and wetland plantings. This “Award Winning” projects will improve the water quality for generations to come. We are excited about giving back to the environment.

Fernhill South Wetlands

90 Acres of new wetland created from existing sewer lagoons. The wide variety of construction work included 90 Acres of Clearing, Major Dewatering, 300,000CY of Mass Excavation, 7 major hydraulic control structures, 2,500LF Water Control Piping, 190 pieces of habitat Woody Debris, 9,800LF Trail-Access Construction, 2 Portal Amenities, Mud Flats and 90 Acres of Native Species Seeding and Plantings. This very challenging project has already improved the wildlife environment, water treating capabilities and appearance of the Forest Grove area. We are excited about improving the environment.