Mass Excavation

C&M Excavation has the experience and resources to move large quantities of material quickly. We are equipped to handle a variety of grading projects including wetland shaping, quarry preparation, highway work and subdivisions. Our machinery is equipped with the latest 3D-GPS technology that makes quick work of any grading job. From finishing 90 Acres of wetland with a motor grader to moving 500,000CY of earth with Scrapers, we can make it look easy!


Sherwood Elementry Middle School

Complete site and underground package for the new Sherwood Elementary-Middle School located in Sherwood, Oregon. Major contract highlights included Clearing (28 Acres), Mass Excavation (200,000CY), Soccer Fields, Running Track, Building Pad and Footings (202,000SF), Roads (3,000LF), Mitigation Grading and Plantings (5 Acres) and Sewer/Water Piping (11,000LF). This project was fast tracked and completed in one summer season.

Fernhill South Wetlands

Clean Water Services project to transform 90 Acres of sewer treatment lagoons into water treatment cells. The design required the Mass Excavation of 300,000CY that was placed in dikes and flat areas to create the environment needed for native species habitat. Along with the mass excavation the project featured deep zone creation (10 Acres), Trails / Roads (9800LF) and many other habitat improvements. Due to the size of the project and the grade tolerances needed the drainage contours were modeled and controlled in the field via 3D-GPS technology. “Giving back to the environment.”